Tealdeer can be customized with a config file in TOML format called config.toml.

Configfile Path

The configuration file path follows OS conventions (e.g. $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/tealdeer/config.toml on Linux). The paths can be queried with the following command:

$ tldr --show-paths

Creating the config file can be done manually or with the help of tldr:

$ tldr --seed-config

On Linux, this will usually be ~/.config/tealdeer/config.toml.

Config Example

Here's an example configuration file. Note that this example does not contain all possible config options. For details on the things that can be configured, please refer to the subsections of this documentation page (display, style, updates or directories).

compact = false
use_pager = true

foreground = "red"

foreground = "green"

foreground = "blue"

foreground = "blue"
underline = true

auto_update = true

Override Config Directory

The directory where the configuration file resides may be overwritten by the environment variable TEALDEER_CONFIG_DIR. Remember to use an absolute path. Variable expansion will not be performed on the path.