Tealdeer is straightforward to use, through the binary named tldr.

You can view the available options using tldr --help:

tealdeer 1.6.1
Danilo Bargen <>, Niklas Mohrin <>
A fast TLDR client

    tldr [OPTIONS] [COMMAND]...

    <COMMAND>...    The command to show (e.g. `tar` or `git log`)

    -l, --list                    List all commands in the cache
    -f, --render <FILE>           Render a specific markdown file
    -p, --platform <PLATFORMS>    Override the operating system [possible values: linux, macos,
                                  windows, sunos, osx, android, freebsd, netbsd, openbsd]
    -L, --language <LANGUAGE>     Override the language
    -u, --update                  Update the local cache
        --no-auto-update          If auto update is configured, disable it for this run
    -c, --clear-cache             Clear the local cache
        --pager                   Use a pager to page output
    -r, --raw                     Display the raw markdown instead of rendering it
    -q, --quiet                   Suppress informational messages
        --show-paths              Show file and directory paths used by tealdeer
        --seed-config             Create a basic config
        --color <WHEN>            Control whether to use color [possible values: always, auto,
    -v, --version                 Print the version
    -h, --help                    Print help information

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