Custom Pages and Patches

Tealdeer allows creating new custom pages, overriding existing pages as well as extending existing pages.

The directory, where these custom pages and patches can be placed, follows OS conventions. On Linux for instance, the default location is ~/.local/share/tealdeer/pages/. To print the path used on your system, simply run tldr --show-paths.

The custom pages directory can be overridden by the config file.

Custom Pages

To document internal command line tools, or if you want to replace an existing tldr page with one that's better suited for you, place a file with the name <command>.page in the custom pages directory. When calling tldr <command>, your custom page will be shown instead of the upstream version in the cache.





Custom Patches

Sometimes you don't want to fully replace an existing upstream page, but just want to extend it with your own examples that you frequently need. In this case, use a file called <command>.patch, it will be appended to existing pages.